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Trivia / Draugen

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  • Creator Provincialism: This is probably the most Norwegian game produced by Ragnar Tørnquist, taking explicit inpsiration from the Norwegian National Romantic movement while also paying some light homage to older Norwegian folklore and Norse mythology.
  • Development Hell: And how! Red Thread originally announced Draugen in 2013 with a an original release date set for 2015. Budget constraints, pressure on making Dreamfall Chapters, and multiple rewrites led to Draugen finally being released six years after its announcement, and four years from its hoped-for release.
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  • What Could Have Been: Earlier renditions of Draugen's plot and gameplay would have focused more on the horror aspects of the story, along with stronger elements of Norse Mythology and even inspiration from H. P. Lovecraft with the possibility of a Day/Night Cycle and stealth gameplay, very little of which is seen in the final product.


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