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Trivia / Dragon: Marked for Death

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  • Schedule Slip: The game was originally scheduled to launch in December 2018, where it would have launched just four days after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The launch was then pushed back to late January 2019... where it releases the week after Kingdom Hearts III. Talk about picking unfortunate launch dates.
  • Shrug of God:
    • One of the most commonly asked questions is what the Luck stat does, and up until the AMA — which revealed it affects the drop rates of items — all that was said is that it has numerous minor effects.
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    • Another common question is how old the characters are, which thus far has been dodged.
    • When asked why Rivalis has horns identical to Amica's and Amica was depicted with a green Dragon Arm similar to Rivalis' in pre-release official art, the localization team — who stream weekly AMAs on Twitch — said they weren't really sure but that it was possibly a combination of Early Installment Character Design Difference and Decomposite Character.
    • Whether Amica's feelings for the protagonist are romantic or platonic was said to be up to player interpretation in one of the weekly Twitch AMA livestreams.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The game's existence has been known as far back as 2011. It was an online multiplayer game for the Nintendo 3DS as a joint project between Marvelous Entertainment and Inti Creates. Following the announcement, news about the game seemingly disappeared until the game was re-announced as an independently developed Switch exclusive in 2017.
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    • The Empress was originally intended to have a stabbing attack that could be used as a Single-Stroke Battle or a Blade Spam, but this was cut from the final build of the game.
    • The official website shows the Shinobi performing a grounded Dragon Kick, but this was cut from the final build of the game.

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