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  • What Could Have Been: Don Bluth had a ton of ideas for projects that never took off, including:
    • Piper, an animated short film based on the Pied Piper of Hamelin story.
    • Other arcade games similar to Dragon's Lair, such as The Sea Beast, where a 1940s sailor named Barnacle Bill tries to rescue a mermaid princess from a nasty sea beast; Jason and the Golden Fleece, based on the famous Greek legend Jason; Devil's Island, where a shipwreck passenger tries to find treasure, rescue a jungle princess and take down a corrupt civilization; Haywire, where a Charlie Chaplin-like character tries to survive and escape a huge factory run by an evil business man; Drac, where Van Helsing has to save his girlfriend from Dracula and his monster minions of evil before she becomes one of his brides; Cro Magnon, where a Cro Magnon caveman battles vicious dinosaurs, scary creatures and an evil warlord; and Sorceress, where a sorceress protects her island from temple-robbers and poachers.
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    • Star Baby, an outer space adventure movie.
    • Strawberry Fields Forever, a Beatles movie made with help from Michael Jackson, done entirely in CGI. The film would have had animated Fantasia-style vignettes featuring Beatles songs, similar to Yellow Submarine, and characters from Beatles songs (like Mr. Mustard and the Walrus) would act as New York City gangsters. However, the surviving Beatles denied permission for their likenesses to be used in the film, so production was cancelled.
    • Canine Mysteries, an animated film involving a shaggy German Shepherd as a private eye solving a kidnapping case. The German Shepherd would later be turned into Charlie B. Barkin, the main character from All Dogs Go to Heaven.
    • Satyrday, an animated adaptation of the book of the same name.
    • The Little Blue Whale, an animated film about a little girl and her animal friends trying to protect a little whale from evil whalers.
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    • Kandu: Song of the Ice Whale, an animated feature film detailing a discovery experience through a whale's eye.
    • Jawbreaker, an animated TV mini-series about a boy who finds a magical tooth.
    • The Magic Pencils, an animated short film about a magical talking pencil.
    • Deep Wizardry, an Animated Adaptation of the book of the same name.
    • Quintaglio Ascension, an Animated Adaptation of the Quintaglio Ascension trilogy by Robert J. Sawyer.
    • The Belgariad, an Animated Adaptation (noticing a pattern?) of The Belgariad series.
    • A video game adaptation of Titan A.E, to be released for the Play Station and PC.
    • A sequel to the 2003 game I-Ninja.
    • A video game called Pac-Man Adventures. Not much is known about the game other than what can be gathered from concept artwork and storyboards drawn by Bluth.
    • A remake of The Secret of NIMH, planned as a CGI/live action hybrid and origin story in which an imperiled mouse protagonist befriends a comical crew of lab rats as they turn hyper-intelligent.

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