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Trivia / Doctor Who S6 E6 "The Space Pirates"

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  • Creator Backlash:
    • According to Patrick Troughton's son Michael, the actor wrote in his diary that he wasn't impressed by the slow-moving plot
    I remember my father arriving at our house after completing a producers' run-through for Episode Two of "The Space Pirates". He was angry, but anger born of frustration rather than aggression. I recall him complaining to my mother about how dull and unwatchable "The Space Pirates" was going to be: "This is Episode Two and we're still trapped in that bloody awful spaceship set. I told them people will just turn off".
  • Fake American: Milo Clancey has an outrageous hillbilly accent courtesy of Australian actor Gordon Gostelow. Major Warne also has a less-than-convincing American accent from English actor Donald Gee.
  • Missing Episode: Only Episode Two survives. It is the last story to be incomplete, and one of only two stories from Season 6 to be missing any episodes (the other is "The Invasion", which is missing two of its eight episodes). If you're wondering what Dom Issigri looks like, keep wondering. There are no surviving images of him whatsoever — John Cura, the man responsible for the telesnaps, was suffering from cancer and passed away not long after this serial was aired. The unusual lack of telesnaps and lack of other viable photos that could be stitched together ultimately meant that official reconstructions would have to rely heavily on Silent Movie-style intertitles to convey a significant chunk of the plot, even with audio backing.
    • This could well have been a case of a story so completely missing not even the soundtrack survived, because many of the people who recorded the earlier serials had simply lost interest by this point. The copy used on the BBC's commercial release is taken from an Australian airing in the early 1970s.
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  • Throw It In: The serial features a brief, diegetic rendition of "Over the Rainbow" in Episode Two when Milo Clancey prepares a boiled egg for his breakfast aboard the LIZ 79. This was an unscripted ad-lib by Gordon Gostelow.


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