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Trivia / Doctor Who S6 E2 "The Mind Robber"

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  • Acting for Two: Christine Pirie (Princess Rapunzel) also contributed a voice-over reading from an extract from Little Women for the scene in Episode Three where Jamie climbs through the castle window only to find himself in a hi-tech control room, but was uncredited for this on-screen.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: There's a widespread belief that Zoe's catsuit was purple, and it's frequently drawn like this in fanart. This seems to have originated from fan colourizations of black and white screenshots; there are colour photos on the DVD showing it was actually silver.
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  • Blooper: The Master's Ominous Multiple Screens were real screens showing the live feed from the cameras. In the scene with him at the end of Part 1, you can actually see the ending credits of the episode are cued up on one of them. Since the episode contains moments of Noticing the Fourth Wall, it works beautifully.
  • Creator's Favourite Episode: Patrick Troughton and Wendy Padbury named this as their favourite serial.
  • Name's the Same: The Master of the Land of Fiction is not the renegade Time Lord, who would not be introduced until the Third Doctor's second season.
  • No Budget: For the first episode, which is why it's a Bottle Episode.
  • Permanent Placeholder: When Peter Ling originally wrote the serial, Victoria's replacement hadn't been created, so he wrote for a generic female companion by the name of Zoe. The producer liked the name, and it stuck.
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  • Promoted Fanboy: Hamish Wilson was familiar with the show and had watched previous episodes with Jamie, which came in very useful when he was called in to play the part at ridiculously short notice.
  • Prop Recycling: The robots are reused from a BBC adaptation of Isaac Asimov's short story "Reason".
  • Real-Life Relative: Frazer Hines' cousin Ian played one of the soldiers.
  • Throw It In!: Frazer Hines suffered a nasty case of chicken pox during production, leading to the idea of having his character temporarily change appearances into Hamish Wilson, and all the subsequent scenes with Wilson, being written with very little time to spare.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In Peter Ling's original version of Episode One, the TARDIS broke up after passing through a magnetic storm.
    • The Master's footsoldiers were originally monstrous, faceless entities, and it was they who posed puzzles to the Doctor. Derrick Sherwin suggested that these creatures should in fact look like life-sized toy soldiers, but wanted to hold off their onscreen appearance until the end of the episode. Instead, he posited that children could ask the Doctor the riddles.
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    • Ling wanted Zorro to appear, but copyright reasons prevented this. A quotation from Walter de la Mare's 1912 poem The Listeners seems to have been excised due to similar concerns.
  • Written-In Infirmity: Jamie had to be recast with actor Hamish Wilson for Episode 2 due to Frazer Hines having contracted chicken pox. Luckily, the surreal nature of the story allowed an easy script addition (while trapped in the Land of Fiction, the Doctor has to reconstruct Jamie's face from memory but gets it wrong) and the temporary recast.
  • Working Title: The Fact of Fiction, Another World and ManPower.


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