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Trivia / Doctor Who S32 E12 "Closing Time"

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  • Billing Displacement: Despite only appearing in a 30-second cameo, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill receive star billing as Amy and Rory anyway.
  • Deleted Scene: A scene in the stock room in which a warehouseman is killed by a Cyberman while assembling a mannequin was cut.
  • Reality Subtext: James Corden was about to become a father in Real Life.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Gareth Roberts' first draft was much different. The disappearances were not a new phenomenon, but occurred every few decades, to be accompanied by strange graffiti. Much was made of the history of a market which had been held for centuries on the site of the shopping centre; the Cybermat would have been found entombed within its foundation stone. It transpired that the being responsible for the kidnappings was a Cyberscout - referred to as "the Guardian" - which had operated on automatic for centuries, with the graffiti part of its reconnaissance procedure. Over the years, the Guardian had gradually replaced its defective parts with human limbs and organs when it periodically awoke from dormancy. Now nothing was left of the original Cyberman, and it was protecting Colchester from the other Cybermen which lay underground in suspended animation. After an ending in which Craig destroys the Cybermen with a wrecking ball was dismissed, the climax subsequently hinged on the Doctor transmitting the Guardian's personality into the reactivated Cybermen, overwhelming them.
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    • Craig and Sophie's child was originally a girl, first named Grace and later Tess.
  • Working Title: Carry-On Lodging, Everything Must Go, Three Cybermen and a Baby and The Last Adventure.
  • You Look Familiar/You Sound Familiar: Lynda Baron previously played Captain Vrak and sung "The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon".


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