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Trivia / Doctor Who S31 E9 "Cold Blood"

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  • Completely Different Title: The French title is "La Révolte des intra-terrestres, deuxième partie" (Revolt of the Intraterrestrials, Part 2).
  • Deleted Scene:
    • Amy and Mo's discovery that the Silurians have kidnapped a menagerie of modern animals, including a dog owned years earlier by Tony Mack was cut for time.
    • Dropped in editing was an extensive conversation about faith between Rory and Alaya, which would have foreshadowed Rory's fate at the end of the story.
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    • A deleted segment from the scene in which the Silurians are marching the Doctor and Nasreen to the court hall had the Doctor saying that the "last time I was executed it really put a blight on the day."
  • Playing Their Own Twin: Neve McIntosh plays both Restac and Alaya.


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