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Trivia / Doctor Who S2 E3 "The Rescue"

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  • Acting for Two: Tom Sheridan, who played the voice-only role of the Space Captain, was also the uncredited actor inside the Sandy costume.
  • Creator-Chosen Casting: Director Christopher Barry cast Ray Barrett as Bennett after seeing him on television due to his rugged face and "dug him out of the book" when the time came.
  • First Appearance: Of Vicki.
  • Name's the Same: "The Rescue" is also the title of Episode 7 of "The Daleks".
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  • On-Set Injury: During the scene where Barbara fires a flare gun at Vicki's pet, Jacqueline Hill was injured, suffering shock and a sore face. This occurred when the explosive connected to the wooden prop gun went off with more force than expected.
  • Spoiled by the Cast List: Possibly one of the first aversions in television history. To avoid tipping off fans to the fact that Bennett and Koquillion were the same person, Koquillion was credited in the first episode end credits and the Radio Times cast lists as being played by fictitious actor "Sydney Wilson" (a portmanteau of Sydney Newman and Donald Wilson, the TV executives who had initiated the show's creation).
  • What Could Have Been: In David Whitaker's original draft, entitled "Doctor Who and Tanni" after one of Vicki's original names, there are a few differences from the broadcast version. Bennett was more unkind to Vicki. Notably, Koquillion had a "torch" device, which he used to paralyse Ian upon meeting and interrogating him and Barbara in the first episode. He hypnotised Ian and Barbara and tried to get them to encourage the Doctor to come out of the TARDIS, but the Doctor could see this on the TARDIS' scanner and demands the teachers be released. In a scuffle Ian's trance was broken when he was shoved against the TARDIS and Barbara's was broken when she was thrown to the ground. The beginning of the first episode also had Ian confide to Barbara that he was afraid of a time where the Doctor would close the TARDIS on them and leave like he did with Susan, to which the Doctor, overhearing, replied that there would be warning if they were to part.
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  • Working Title: Tanni or Doctor Who and Tanni.