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Trivia / Doctor Who S20 E2 "Snakedance"

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  • Deleted Scene: The last episode overran, leading to the removal of a scene where the Doctor comforts Tegan about her ordeal. It was used in the next story (although it includes the explanation that the Mara could only be destroyed during the process of its becoming, creating a minor Plot Hole if the serial is watched in isolation).
  • Inspiration for the Work: In the DVD extras, Christopher Bailey states that the idea for the serial came from a story or article about isolated Christian sects in the Arizona desert that handled snakes as part of religious rituals. The religious groups he is referring to actually are located in Appalachia, areas such as Tennessee (where it originated), Kentucky and Georgia, not Arizona.
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  • Old Shame: Martin Clunes is rather embarrassed about his role in this serial, mostly because chat shows have kept bring clips out from it showing him in the silly costumes.
  • Prop Recycling: According to John Nathan-Turner, the staircase in the Chamber of Lom was used for A Song for Europe.
  • What Could Have Been:
  • You Look Familiar: Brian Grellis previously played Sheprah and Safran.


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