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Trivia / Doctor Who S1 E7 "The Sensorites"

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  • Acting for Two: Several of the Sensorite actors play what are clearly intended to be different characters in different episodes.
  • Creator Backlash: Inverted. While Peter was pleased with what he wrote, his sister claims that he didn't like the Sensorites' costumes.
  • Creator Killer: Although not the result of what happened to him afterwards, Peter Newman didn't had any success after writing this story. note 
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  • Inspiration for the Work: The story was inspired by 1950s films set during World War II, exploring the notion of soldiers who continued to fight after the war.
  • Working Title: Mind Control.
  • Write What You Know: Peter R Newman based the story on time he spent in a Japanese POW Camp in World War II.
  • You Look Familiar: Stephen Dartnell appears as John. He had previously appeared as Yartek in "The Keys of Marinus".


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