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Trivia / Doctor Who S19 E7 "Time-Flight"

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  • Blooper: Probably a result of the time it was made and the budget it was afforded, but when Alpha-Charlie (the second Speedbird Concorde) prepares to take off from the past timeframe near the end of the serial, one can see blatant rectangular metropolitan buildings behind it in one shot, when it should be rocks, dirt, plants, and grass.
  • Executive Meddling: Not from the studio but from the airport. British Airways were given a copy of the script before filming. They asked for changes to parts that could be considered detrimental to the company, including one line where a flight attendant refers to the passengers as "punters".
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  • No Budget: Peter Davison complained that the cheapness of the story is what killed it.
  • Old Shame:
    • Peter Davison agrees that this is the worst story of his tenure, and it was a factor in his decision to leave after three seasons.
    • Janet Fielding claimed on the DVD Commentary that she didn't remember it being this bad until she rewatched it.
    • Matthew Waterhouse thought this was a good time to leave the series, as he thought this was "a terrible story".
    • Sarah Sutton disliked the story, largely because she had no idea what was going on in it.
  • Shoot the Money: Lavish attention is spent on the Concorde to show off the production paid to get a Concorde.
  • Vacation, Dear Boy: Peter Grimwade wrote the script purely so he could ride on a Concorde.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • BRIAN BLESSED, Paul Darrow and Martin Jarvis were considered for Captain Stapley.
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    • Colin Baker and Donald Sumpter were considered for the roles of Scobie, Bilton and Sheard.
    • Peter Cushing and Michael Gough were considered for Professor Hayter.
    • The story was originally pitched for the previous season.
    • Eric Saward wanted the Master to be killed off in this story, as he felt the character had outlived his welcome.
  • Working Title: Zanadin, Xeraphin and Time into Flight.