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Trivia / Doctor Who S19 E3 "Kinda"

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  • Creator Backlash: Christopher Bailey regrets using Buddhist names in the script, saying, "If you were making a Japanese show, you'd think twice about calling one of the characters Jesus Christ." He also thought the production was poor, although he admired Simon Rouse's performance as Hindle. He was horrified by the childish cardboard box construction of Hindle's and Sanders' model city in the last episode, which he felt should have been a more serious enterprise. He didn't like that garden centre look of Deva Loka either, and asked that if they couldn't realise his ideas, why didn't they ask him to come up with ideas that could be realised? He particularly hated the shampoo-advert hippies playing the natives.
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  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Janet Fielding named this as her favourite serial, while Matthew Waterhouse thought it was his own best performance.
  • Follow the Leader: The episode appears to continue the Doctor Who tradition of using a popular work as a springboard, in this case The Word for World Is Forest. However Christopher Bailey has sworn that he didn't read that story until long after he'd finished the scripts. None of the critics believe that, but it might actually be true: the writers of the Discontinuity Guide noted that they had a hard time coming with works that the episode ripped-off — er, referenced — because, as far as they could tell, the story was actually pretty original.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Judi Dench, Joanna Lumley, Helen Mirren and Diana Rigg were considered for Todd.
    • Trevor Howard and John Mills were considered for Sanders.
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    • Christopher Bailey originally wrote the script with the Fourth Doctor in mind. He had originally envisioned the Doctor playing the role of a “wise sage”, but the younger Doctor anticipated by the production team would no longer suit this portrayal.


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