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Trivia / Doctor Who S19 E2 "Four to Doomsday"

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  • Acting for Two: Philip Locke (Bigon) also provided the voice of Control in parts one and two, but was uncredited on-screen.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • While Peter Davison and Janet Fielding both consider "Time-Flight" to be the actual worst story from the Fifth Doctor's era, they consider this a close second as per the DVD Commentary.
      • As of the 2019 Blu-Ray set and their "Behind the Sofa" featurette on this episode, they seem to have mellowed somewhat on this opinion.
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    • Even Matthew Waterhouse thought Adric was a complete prat in this episode. He felt Adric's reasoning for siding with the villain made no sense, and resented his character being made to have bad motives and beliefs for no other reason than for other characters to tell him they were bad.
    • Stratford Johns was disappointed how unrecognisable he was as Monarch in the finished programme. And this was after his requested Latex Perfection rather than the traditional mask he was supposed to wear.
  • Old Shame: Peter Davison has said he didn't enjoy this serial because he was new and didn't feel he knew what he was doing.
  • Wag the Director:
    • The Aboriginal character's dialogue (and Tegan's when she demonstrates she can speak his language) was originally scripted as plausible-sounding gibberish. Janet Fielding, an Australian, felt this was insulting, and requested that the writer consult the BBC's language department to rewrite the dialogue in an actual Aboriginal language. The one they settled on was Tiwi as filmed.
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    • Stratford Johns was supposed to wear a more encumbering mask much like those worn briefly by his co-stares playing Persuasion and Enlightenment. Johns refused, fearing that the mask would hamper his performance. As a compromise, the makeup department created a thin latex mask each day for him to wear. It was laborious to apply and could only be used once as removing it destroyed it, but it allayed his concerns about the mask.
  • What Could Have Been:
  • Working Title: Day of Wrath.


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