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Trivia / Doctor Who S17 E3 "The Creature from the Pit"

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  • Creator Backlash:
    • Lalla Ward was unhappy with this story. It was the first one she filmed and she was still working out how to play Romana. The fact that the script was written for Mary Tamm's version didn't help. She even wears a white dress like hers. She loathed both her costume and her hair.
    • Director Christopher Barry described the shoot as the nadir of his career.
  • The Other Darrin: David Brierley makes his debut as the voice of K-9 in this story, taking over from John Leeson.
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  • Wag the Director: Director Christopher Barry often argued with Tom Baker and Lalla Ward over their characters and dialogue. This would be the last story he directed.
  • What Could Have Been: David Fisher's original outline was concerned with Adrasta's attempts to claim the TARDIS for herself. K-9 eventually takes Adrasta away in the TARDIS, returning her — cowed and defeated — at the story's conclusion. Upon initially being thrown into the Pit, the Doctor is attacked by Hellyn, a former member of Adrasta's team of engineers. In the final episode, a battle fleet from Tithonus (later spelt “Tythonus”) arrives, threatening to destroy Chloris with a photon missile. Erato and the Doctor travel into space in Erato's ship, and the Tithonian weaves a spacesuit for the Doctor, enabling him to reach the missile and disarm it.
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  • Working Title: The Creature in the Pit
  • You Look Familiar: Eileen Way (Karela) also played the Old Mother.


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