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Trivia / Doctor Who S16 E6 "The Armageddon Factor"

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  • Follow the Leader: Essentially, the story is Doctor Who does Star Wars. Only with a typical BBC budget.
  • Recast as a Regular: Lalla Ward plays Princess Astra. In the next season, she took over as Romana.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The writers initially envisaged Drax as an elderly eccentric, thinking along the lines of the aged prisoner in The Count of Monte Cristo. Instead, the idea of a Cockney Time Lord was recycled from elements discarded from a previous script.
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    • In the original storyline, both Atrios and Zeos were populated. Astra (at that point called “Reina”, a name later changed to avoid confusion with Prince Reynart from "The Androids of Tara") was an astrophysicist who had discovered the Shadow's planet lying between the two warring worlds. The conflict had arisen because Atrios and Zeos blamed each other for a catastrophic shift in their orbits; they were being egged on by the Shadow, known as “the Presence” on Atrios and “the Voice” on Zeos. The Doctor was forced to use the makeshift Key To Time to temporally freeze both planets' armies. The Shadow's own shadow turned out to be the sixth segment of the Key To Time. His plan was to use the powers of the Key to pit one half of the universe in war against the other half. The Doctor stopped the Shadow by unfreezing the Atrian and Zeon armies and giving each the coordinates of the Shadow's “Castle of Evil”.
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    • The Black Guardian originally didn't appear in the climax. Originally, the Doctor simply decided that he did not trust the White Guardian with the Key, and consequently scattered the six segments again to prevent anyone from controlling it. This was changed when the actor couldn't reprise his role.
  • Working Title: Armageddon.


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