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Trivia / Doctor Who S16 E3 "The Stones of Blood"

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  • Inspiration for the Work: The story was based around a stone circle, a number of which were dotted around the British isles. Some of these dated back as far as the Neolithic period, and a great body of mythology had sprung up around them. David Fisher was inspired by several of these legends, such as tales of stones (called cycloliths) leaving a circle to travel back and forth across the countryside, as well as the belief that the number of stones in some circles varies depending upon the observer.
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  • Milestone Celebration: Averted. This is the 100th Doctor Who serial, and its original broadcast was close to the series' 15th anniversary. There would have been a scene in which the Doctor would have gotten a cake and a new scarf for his birthday, but the idea was scrapped because it was considered to be too self-indulgent. (Although the cake had already been ordered, so cast and crew still got to tuck in).
  • Wag the Director: The first episode cliffhanger called for a scene in which Cessair, disguised as the Doctor, pushed Romana off the cliff. Tom Baker objected to the scene, as he felt it would be very upsetting to children to see the Doctor as a threat. Instead the scene was filmed so that the viewer never sees who pushed Romana.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Director Darrol Blake originally offered the role of Vivien to Honor Blackman, who declined the part as she felt Beatrix Lehmann had all the best material. Blake then asked Maria Aitken, who wasn't interested. Susan Engel was finally hired for the part.
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    • The Ogri were originally envisioned as rocky-skinned humanoids who looked like regular stones only when stationary. To save costs, Darrol Blake elected to have the Ogri appear as large blocks throughout, although elements of the original idea — such as the large footprint found by the Doctor and Romana — remained in the script.
    • Initially, the Ogri were to simply crush people, but this was replaced by their ability to absorb blood.
    • The Megara were originally depicted as floating metal orbs. This was changed to floating lights, because it was deemed too similar to Star Wars.
  • Working Title: The Nine Maidens and The Stones of Time.


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