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Trivia / Doctor Who S16 E1 "The Ribos Operation"

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  • First Appearance: Of Romana.
  • Orphaned Reference: Garron was originally Australian, hence the reference to his fraudulent sale of the Sydney Opera House.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Sarah Jane Smith was supposed to return to help the Doctor find the Key to Time. When Elisabeth Sladen declined, Romana was created.
    • The script originally called for the Doctor to be in awe of the White Guardian. However, Tom Baker insisted on playing it mockingly while trying not to laugh at how serious it all was, both much more in-character and pretty badass into the bargain.
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    • Initially, the jethrik was important because it was actually a source of incredible energy which could power a fleet of spaceships.
  • Working Title: Operation, The Galactic Conman and The Ribos File.


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