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Trivia / Doctor Who S10 E5 "The Green Death"

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  • Cast the Expert: Amongst the members of Wholeweal, Jessie was played by a real flautist named Jessica Stanley Clarke. She was also a member of the prog-rock band Marsupilami, who had once toured with Deep Purple; later known as Jekka McVicar, she became a well-known expert on organic gardening.
  • The Danza: Mostyn Evans as Dai Evans.
  • Romance on the Set: Stewart Bevan (Cliff Jones) was Katy Manning's real-life boyfriend at the time of shooting. Michael E. Briant was reluctant to invite Bevan to audition, fearing the on-set ramifications — especially considering how upset Jon Pertwee had become when he learned that Manning was leaving. However, Bevan ultimately proved to be the only suitable choice for the role.
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  • Throw It In: John Levene ad-libbed Benton's reference to two UNIT soldiers as "Dicks" and "Betts" in honour of the production team. He and Jon Pertwee also improvised this exchange when feeding the fungus to the maggots.
    Benton: Here kitty kitty. Come and get your lovely din-dins.
    Doctor: Sergeant Benton!
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Global Chemicals was originally named Universal Chemicals. It was then United Chemicals, until it was discovered that a real company with that name existed.
    • Ralph Fell was originally named Charles. This was changed to avoid confusion with a real-life petroleum company executive.
    • It was briefly thought that Yates' role in the latter stages of the serial might be given to Benton instead, but this idea was not pursued.
    • A Wholeweal member nicknamed "Face" was excised from the script and the relevant dialogue instead allocated to Nancy.