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Trivia / Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia

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  • Acting for Two: May also overlap with Talking to Himself in some cases:
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  • Actor Allusion: Surely, people may not have noticed both Eight and Ignis being announced so close to each other brings to mind both Miyu Irino and Mamoru Miyano nodding towards the heavily-fan-requested Sora and Riku?
  • All-Star Cast: Needless to say, thanks to SQEX getting everyone from previous casts back to voice their characters again, the cast list reads like a who's-who of high profile voice actors. What's particularly notable, however, is that there are also a fair few folks finally getting voices for the first time (most notably the rest of the V, VIII and IX casts) and SQEX did not skimp on making sure they got talent, too:
    • Bartz and Exdeath have had voices since Dissidia (the latter had cases of The Other Darrin however), and Kazuya Nakai returns from a few cameos for Gilgamesh, but this is the first time that the rest of the party's been voiced. So for the three other ladies in Bartz' life, how about we get Rie Tanaka to voice Faris, Yukari Tamura to do Krile, and somehow get Ayako Fuckmothering Kawasumi to take time away from her insanely lucrative Sabering job to voice Lenna? Sure, said Square, let's do that. The sole cast member to not be quite as famous is Galuf, as he is voiced by veteran character actor Hiroshi Naka.
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    • Outside of Zidane and Kuja retaining the long-time actors, this is the first time just about anyone from IX outside of Vivi has been voiced, and once again Square did not skimp on securing talent for some of the franchise's most beloved characters. Garnet landed none other than Mamiko Noto as her voice, and Eiko gained rising star Hisako Kanemoto as hers. Freya gained the voice of veteran actress Ai Orikasa (best known to many as Quatre). Steiner is, again, the only odd man out (being voiced by relative low-key character actor Minoru Hirota). Beatrix was a particular surprise given that her Japanese voice was first revealed in the global version, and the world found out that Yuka Komatsu had been recruited for it... and while previously she might've been a comparative unknown, she is now coming into this role screaming hot off of gaining international fame for her role as Caulifla in a certain globally-simulcast anime.
  • Model Dissonance: A list of them so far:
    • During certain animations, it can be easy to notice a model of someone wobble around a bit; this is heavily noticeable during certain abilities used to land a killing blow during a slow motion portion during a final wave of an encounter (Yda's Snap Punch, Noctis' Warp Strike, Yang's Kick, etc.).
    • There's also times where the models that are not properly aligned against a respective target will face at them via an awkward angle if player inputs are rushed through outside of the auto-battle function, as likely the game was interrupted in the process of properly orienting the character's model towards the target.
    • Whenever abilities and/or any attacks are used successively on an enemy, the enemy target's pain animations when taking damage from BRV Attacks may fail to load properly and the models may just simply appear to stand still despite taking damage, even when there aren't any defensive/resistance modifiers applied to the said target.
    • This also teeters on Off-Model in the case of Cyan, where people have made memes about his neck in his idle stance being longer than it should be.
    • An additional case comes with Aerith - she has a unique "prayer" animation she does sometimes in cutscenes where she puts her head back and joins her hands together, but her long braid is still aligned with the back of her head, so when she does it her braid goes right through her back and out by her pelvic region.
  • Name's the Same: A large number of characters share the same names of weapons, armors and/or skills, mainly due to how many of the different installments of the Final Fantasy franchise handles recurring elements. Be it both Zack and Terra having a weapon called Enhancer, both Zack and Ultimecia having Apocalypse as their EX Ability, and so forth...
    • Extends to character names as well. The Mog of Opera Omnia has the same name as Serah's moogle companion, who is present and stuck in his bow form, though goes unnamed. Mog from FFVI isn't in the game yet, but when he is, this trope will apply. The same goes for all the Cids - the only Cid currently in the game is the one from FFVII, and no one mentions how they all know someone else with the same name in their worlds.
  • No Dub for You: Surprisingly, the global release of the game retained Japanese voice acting for all characters, making Opera Omnia the first piece of FF media to not get an English dub. note  As noted, this got a bit strange with Beatrix, since it was Yuka Komatsu's debut as the Japanese voice of Beatrix... in the English client of the game.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Too many to list, as we could be here all day long if we did.
  • Rerun: So far in the JP version, Locke was the only character whose event returned for Chapter 5 of Arc 2, along with his EX reprinted on the story banner, receiving his rework, and gaining his Lv. 70 awakening. This was possibly due to him being a central character in the said chapter, but this was also all before his Lost Chapter ever hit where he's considered a permanent character at that point. The only way for this to possibly be averted is if the GL version of Arc 2 Chapter 5 will have a possible retcon.
  • Role Reprisal:
  • The Wiki Rule: The Final Fantasy Wiki, Dissidia Wiki, Gamepedia Opera Omnia Wiki, and Wikia Opera Omnia Wiki.

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