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Trivia / Digitiser

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  • Executive Meddling / Moral Guardians: Digi would often fall foul of them, not least due to its surreal humour, which would see sub-editors at Teletext cut out whole pages of reviews and demand changes to the most innocuous of headlines. And one genuine run-in with the broadcast regulator over a joke about violence and Gossi The Dog.
  • Screwed by the Network: Forced to become a basically normal video game magazine for almost an entire year following September 11th 2001, which Teletext used as an excuse to cut Digitiser to three pages and remove all of the humour. (Teletext made most of its money through its package holidays service, and not many people wanted to book flights at the time.) A massive fan outcry (and a massive drop in ratings from over 1.5M viewers a week to below 400k per week) eventually brought it back, just in time for Teletext to become obsoleted by digital and the internet.