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Trivia / Digimon World Data Squad

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  • The Other Darrin: The English cast for the Digimon franchise were only allowed to play three characters or forms max. As a result, their Mega forms are played by other actors already playing other characters:
    • Roger Craig Smith (Kagura’s voice) plays ShineGreymon here, instead of Agumon’s voice Brian Beacock.
    • Michelle Ruff voices Rosemon, instead of Lalamon’s normal voice Dorothy Elias-Fahn.
    • Crispin Freeman plays Sleipmonnote  rather than Kudamon’s normal voice Sam Riegel.
    • In lieu of Steve Blum, Ravemon’s voice is performed instead by Paul St. Peter, who also voices Barbamon and Leviamon in the game.
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    • In addition to Lilithmon, Bonnie Cahoon also voices Phoenixmon and Sakuyamon, rather than their usual actresses of Melodee Spivak or Mari Devon.
    • Gaomon’s voice isn’t performed by Skip Stellrecht for any of his forms. Dan Lorge voices Gaomon, MachGaogamon and MirageGaogamon instead.
    • This is the first time Beelzemon isn’t voiced in English by Derek Stephen Prince, as Kyle Hebert (who also voices Belphemon) plays him here instead.
    • Kirk Thornton (who also voices Creepymon in this game) voices Lucemon’s available forms, rather than Mona Marshall.