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Trivia / Digimon Universe: Applimonsters

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  • Channel Hop: Airs on TV Tokyo this time as opposed to Fuji TV, who aired the first five Digimon series and TV Asahi who aired Xros Wars and its sequel.
  • Crossdressing Voices:
  • Follow the Leader: To a degree with Yo-Kai Watch, with its monsters being heavily based on aspects of everyday life (smartphone apps in this case, rather than everyday inconveniences) and the App Driver being a talking, monster-summoning device that operates by way of trinkets (chips vs. yokai medals). Both series also share a common "rival" in the form of the Pokémon franchise.
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  • No Dub for You: The anime was never dubbed into English during its lifetime. With the Appli Monster/Appmon project having since discontinued, the prospects of a dub are looking further unlikely.


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