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Trivia / Digimon Rumble Arena

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  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Imperialdramon Paladin mode is an unlockable character in the first one. In the Japanese version, he had Debuted earlier in the same year in the second and final 02 movie, but that movie wasn't released in America until 2005, long after this game. Those who never watched the original Japanese version were left confused as to what significance this white Imperialdramon had, and had no idea about his connection to Omnimon.
  • The Other Darrin
    • In Rumble Arena:
      • Takato is voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn instead of Brian Beacock.
    • In Rumble Arena 2:
      • R. Martin Klein takes over the role of Veemon from Derek Stephen Prince.
      • MaloMyotismon is voiced by Paul St. Peter, rather than Richard Epcar.


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