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  • Denied Parody: The makers insist that the Church Of Unitology isn't based on the Church of Scientology. They claim that they were trying to create the archetypal cult and just happened to come up with one resembling Scientology.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The iOS mobile game, commonly considered one of the more impressive mobile game conversions of a franchise, has sadly been delisted from the app store. You now need to resort to third party methods of getting access to it.
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  • Similarly Named Works: Dead Space is also the name of a 1991 remake of Forbidden World.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • It was supposed to be System Shock 3, but EA couldn't get the license.
    • The Necromorphs went through many different iterations before ending up as what they are now.
      • An early concept was to make them very swollen, with translucent, gray skin, based off of a drowned corpse. During this concept stage, they could infect live humans by vomiting on them (according to an interview in Electronic Gaming Monthly).
      • Another was to make them Puppeteer Parasites wearing mummified corpses. Upon dismemberment, they exploded into a mess of Combat Tentacles to try and retrieve their host body's lost limbs. This seemingly got recycled into the Fodder enemy in 3.
      • A third version was to make them very insectoid, with Spider Limbs popping out all over and a carapace on their backs. Their skin was mostly rotted into something that looked more like a network of thick veins and nodules.
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    • The gas-mask slasher, instead of the nudist slasher, was supposed to be the most commonly-encountered version of the monster. They were also supposed to have a mass of tendrils pouring out of their eyes.
    • During the "insectoid" stage, there was a mini-boss fight with a creature called "The Commander", which looked like a cross between a centipede and a Xenomorph Queen.
    • Also during this stage, there was a low-slung, crawling enemy called a "swinger" that looked like a Leaper with six or so legs and an inexplicable pyramid on it's back.
    • The Grabber and Flyer necromorphs were supposed to be part of the game, but were Dummied Out. Both later appear in Extraction.
    • The dead cats in each level were supposed to be enemies: a non-human version of the Lurker.
    • Slashers were, at one point, supposed to be able to mutate into infectors on-the-fly.
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    • There were plans for a fourth Dead Space game. Sadly, the game is unlikely to ever be made after Visceral's dissolution.
      • The event of the Awakened DLC would be canon and the game would be set After the End.
      • Although Isaac, Carver or a new character could be the protagonist, the creative director stated that Ellie would have been his personal choice.
      • Much of the game would be set in many different flotillas, with the protagonist moving from ship to ship to look for supplies and survivors. Part of the story would have the protagonist finding a way to make their ship shock-capable.
      • There would be a system where every ship the player visited would have different gameplay and appearance.
      • The game would have a far more open-world and non-linear format.
      • A greater focus would be placed on Zero Gravity, leading to a semi-open world environment. As a result, there would be many new Zero-G Necromorph types.
      • The crafting system would make a return, but drastically altered.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Dead Space Wiki.


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