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Trivia / Dead Reign

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  • What Could Have Been: The original game was going to be much different than the version that was ultimately released. In its initial stages of development Dead Reign had a much higher focus on the death cults and their demonic leader Brulyx, who were responsible for the entire zombie plague to begin with and served as the main villains. There was also likely going to be some psionic powers and magic like most other Palladium titles and far fewer zombie types. In the final version Brulyx is barely mentioned, the source of the apocalypse is much more vague, the amount of zombie types doubled and most of the more outright supernatural elements were dropped in favor of a more mundane and realistic setting. The Rifter did eventually release some of the lost content and even provided an optional alternate universe much closer to the original concept but the finished product is still vastly different from when it began and not all the fans liked the changes.