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Trivia / Daytime Shooting Star

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  • Breakthrough Hit: Daytime Shooting Star was Yamamori's first ongoing series, and what made her a household name. note 
  • Defictionalization: Mika Yamamori collaborated with fashion label earth music&ecology and produced jewelry, clothes, and bags based on what the actual characters wear.
  • What Could Have Been: In one of the earlier volumes, Yamamori reveals the original concept of what Daytime Shooting Star could have been if Executive Meddling didn't happen. Because Yamamori's editor thought Shishio's original hairstyle was outdated, Yamamori gave him a new hairstyle, but later felt that it didn't match his personality and age. Thus, she changed Shishio into a teacher instead of Suzume's uncle, and gave Mamura Shishio's original personality.
    • Suzume was originally going to have white hair.
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    • Yukichi originally going to be Suzume's teacher (while still being her uncle), and Yuyuka was going to be a Yandere Clingy Jealous Girl over him.
    • Mamura was originally going to be the Big Man on Campus and The Casanova Nice Guy.
    • Shishio was originally going to be a Japanese Delinquent Jerkass who sits next to Suzume in class. Oh, and he was originally going to have a Funny Afro too.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: At first, Mika Yamamori was extremely nice to her fans on Twitter, even replying to overseas fans in English. However, two things happened that changed all of this, and today, she is less likely to reply to any of her international fans, especially if the comments are not in Japanese.
    • A fan from Hong Kong tweeted her about chapter 69 before Margaret went on sale in Japan. She was openly livid. While she has since deleted her tweets on the subject matter, she also expressed to many readers outside of Japan that enjoy her work for free should at least try to support the work as much as possible.
    • The second, and most likely main reason why Yamamori's interactions with the fans lessened, was because of the increasing Ship-to-Ship Combat as the love triangle sank in. She was harassed by many international fans as the chapters were being released (for example, by Shishio fans if the newest chapter revolved about Mamura or vice versa). This made her put her Twitter account on private for a few months until the last chapter was released, and her fan interactions lessened, only answering those tweets that she thought were relevant to all of the fandom (like stating she planned the ending since the beginning and that it wasn't forced by Executive Meddling or fandom pressure).


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