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Trivia / Dawn of War III

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  • Franchise Killer: Dawn of War III's extremely poor reception stopped the Dawn Of War franchise dead in the water.
  • I Knew It!: After the Necron Overlord DLC for Dawn of War 2's Last Stand mode, many fans have speculated that the release of the DLC foreshadowed the announcement for Dawn of War III. About two months later, the announcement trailer proved them correct.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Angelos in this game is not voiced by Paul Dobson or Brian Dobson, and is instead voiced by Alec Newman. Justified in-story, as one of the Blood Raven's geneseed mutations is said to occasionally cause replication errors in the cells of their vocal cords that lead to their voices changing every few years.
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    • Nathan Constance replaces Brian Drummond as Gorgutz.
    • Alexis Traverse Healy replaces Nicole Oliver as Macha
    • Simon Chadwick replaces Keith James Ferguson as Ronahn
    • Lizzy McInnerny replaces Nicole Oliver as Taldeer (and who in turn replaced Laura Sadiq; Taldeer's original VA in Winter Assault).
    • Babou Ceesay replaces Alan Shearman as Joanh Orion
    • Sebastian Abinieri replaces Keith Szarabajka as Apollo Diomedes
  • Role Reprise: Brian Dobson returns to voice generic space marines and orks (He voices the Devastator Marines and Slugga Boyz). Brian is the only VA of the original Dawn of War series and the second series to return (or at least the only known one so far).
  • What Could Have Been: The Stinger of the campaign clearly teased the Necrons as a playable race, but with Relic deciding to cease support for the game, this and other plans were axed. In fact, Relic confirmed that with the game's poor reception and sales, the decision was made to prioritize fixing the base game over working on expansion content.


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