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  • Dyeing for Your Art: Dawn says that her body is naturally very big and she tends to gain a lot of weight if she eats carbs, so staying in shape for her is very difficult. There was talk of her returning to WWE at one point and she said she'd need a lot of notice in order to properly get in the right shape and arrange a diet for the road.
  • Jossed:
    • She was involved in a scandal involving her Wrestler's Rescue charity, with several allegations that she had scammed money from several former WWE employees. She later put the rumours to rest in some videos on YouTube.
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    • Denies that she and Lance Storm were ever involved romantically, saying they were just good friends.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: In ECW:
  • Reality Subtext: Jokes that she did have a crush on Charlie Haas, lending some realism to their affair storyline.
  • Recycled Script: On the May 14, 1999 ECW Hardcore TV, there was a segment with Dawn and Cyrus, where Dawn talked about Tommy Dreamer constantly trying to piledrive her in order to expose her butt. Dawn said that she was so confident that Dreamer wouldn't be able to get his hands on her the following night at the ECW Hardcore Heaven 99 PPV that she wouldn't wear panties at the PPV. Cyrus didn't believe her, so Dawn pulled down her panties and placed them on Cyrus' shoulder.note  Commentator Jerry "The King" Lawler had set up a "King Cam" backstage at Divas Undressed to capture Diva nudity on camera. After the first round, "Tiny Teddy," there was a scene of Dawn, with her back to the camera, taking off her robe so she was only wearing a thong. Then Rico walked into the room and stood between Dawn and the camera. Dawn took off her thong and placed it on Rico's shoulder. This was the second time that she took off her panties and placed them on a man's shoulder. The difference is that in ECW she was otherwise fully dressed, whereas at Divas Undressed she was naked.
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  • Romance on the Set: Dated Simon Diamond while they were working together. There were also rumours that she had an affair with Kurt Angle while he was married. She later confirmed them in her shoot interview.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Her ECW gig was meant for Terri Runnels. Terri opted to sign with WWF, and Paul Heyman needed someone to feud with Tammy Sytch. So a friend recommended Dawn and the rest is history.
    • She was first offered a developmental deal, but she didn't want to have to relocate at the age of thirty-two. She then agreed to learn how to wrestle on the road.
    • Lance Storm was constantly pitching for he and Dawn to be put together on TV when they were in WWE, but they were always turned down.
    • The storyline with Torrie was going to go on even longer after Al's kayfabe death - involving segments with lawyers and Torrie's brothers - but it got nixed.

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