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  • Colbert Bump: Fenriz's Band of the Week blog. Most notably led to Ghost getting a record deal via Lee Dorian's Rise Above Records.
  • Creative Differences: Why Dag Nilsen left.
  • Creator Breakdown: Fenriz suffered through burnout and depression during the Moonfog years, leaving Nocturno Culto to compose almost all of the music and many of the lyrics of some of the records released on the Moonfog label (before this period he performed all the instruments on Transilvanian Hunger, Panzerfaust, and had several solo projects). He later revealed that watching sitcoms and cartoons helped him cope, which likely explains his numerous Simpsons references in interviews during that period.
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  • Doing It for the Art: Darkthrone are one of the best-known Black Metal bands from Norway but refuse to capitalize on their music nor do they wish to be a part of the the industry. Both members work full-time jobs (Fenriz works for the postal industry,note  Nocturno Culto is a teacher), they have turned down nominations for awards, and have also turned down large sums of money to perform live at music festivals.
  • Executive Meddling: Probably a good example in the long run: Darkthrone wanted to include a message on the Transilvanian Hunger album which said "We would like to state that Transilvanian Hunger stands beyond any criticism. If any man should attempt to criticize this LP, he should be thoroughly patronized for his obviously Jewish behavior." Peaceville fortunately said no to this, although the album did include the "Norsk Arisk Black Metal" phrase as mentioned above; however, this was removed in later pressings in favor of the less offensive "True Norwegian Black Metal".
    • Reportedly Moonfog Records forced the cover art on some of the albums from that era, mainly Goatlord and Ravishing Grimness. Fenriz hated them so much that when Peaceville reissued them years later he held a contest for new cover art.
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  • Fan Nickname: The albums A Blaze in the Northern Sky, Under a Funeral Moon, and Transilvanian Hunger are dubbed by fans as the "Unholy Trinity". They are also considered to be Darkthrone's three unimpeachable classics.
  • Fountain of Expies/Follow the Leader: One of the most notorious examples in metal history, with literally thousands of bands that copy/plagiarize them to no end.
  • Old Shame: They really, really hate Soulside Journey. Some fans agree, others don't.
    • They've softened up on Soulside Journey in recent years but now find Total Death not up to their standards.
    • Fenriz has expressed remorse for "Norsk Arisk Black Metal" and the "obviously Jewish behaviour" quotes, describing them as "disgusting" and noting that at the time he was going through a phase of being "angry at several races". He is currently a vice-councilman for the Oppegård council representing the liberal/centrist Liberal Party, which supports multiculturalism and immigration, so he's evidently gotten over that phase now.
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  • The Pete Best: Zephyrous, Dag Nilsen and Anders Risberget, the last one of them not even performing on any official release.
  • What Could Have Been: According to the liner notes on the special edition of Circle the Wagons, the band's current sound is what Darkthrone might have sounded like all along had Fenriz and Nocturno had the resources and record collections in 1988 that they do today.

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