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Trivia / Darksiders

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  • Banned in China: This game was banned in the United Arab Emirates for "contradicting with the UAE's customs and traditions."
  • Dueling Games: Released almost simultaneously with fellow religious beat-em-up, Bayonetta.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • About a third of the characters depicted in the art book (available as a pre-order bonus) actually made it into the game.
    • The game was originally meant to have four player co-op, with each player controlling a different Horseman. Apparently this was a far grander vision then they were capable of executing. There was also going to be a character called The Hunter: the gun-toting last survivor of mankind, understandably quite pissed at War and serving as a boss.
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    • Earlier art suggested that War would have a minigun as one of his weapons. Presumably due to balance issues, they scrapped it.
  • The Wiki Rule: Darksiders Wiki.

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