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  • Executive Meddling: An amusingly small amount. When Skittles manufacturer Mars received the script, they only asked to change a joke, turn "damn" into "darn" and remove all snakes in the game. Snake-like creatures were allowed, as long as they were not actual snakes. The latter stipulation was never explained other than that the company apparently just didn't like snakes.
  • Follow the Leader: The game started because the M&M's video games were selling well. The producer asked to not get involved in the project, but after getting drunk thought she could do so.
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  • Writer Revolt: As seen in Follow the Leader, the producer only accepted to work "under the soothing influence of alcohol". So she wrote a self-mocking game that put the Product Placement behind gameplay and humor. Amusingly, Mars didn't complain about the script!

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