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  • Acting for Two: In addition to playing the role of Serge, Réal Bossé also played the role of the knight from the dangerous Virtual Reality game that almost got Flavien killed during an episode of Season 2. His face was obscured by the knight's helmet and his voice was deeper while playing that role, thus preventing any other character from mistaking the knight for Serge.
  • Dawson Casting: One episode of the fourth season stated that Flavien was 23 years old. His actor, Claude Legault, was 38 years old during the year this episode was made.
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  • Descended Creator: Not only is Claude Legault one of the co-creators and head writers, he also plays the role of Flavien Bouchard.
  • Harpo Does Something Funny: Inverted. Stéphane Crête once mentioned on the talk show Les Enfants de la Télé that the writers loved Brad's catchphrase ("Mercy!"note ) so much that they wrote it more often as the show progressed.
  • Newbie Boom: The first movie's screening is when the show's popularity really took off.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: The reason why Flavien doesn't show up early on in season 1 is due to his actor, Claude Legault, being the spokesperson for a beer brand at the time. Furthermore, there was a law that forbid actors promoting beer and cigarettes from appearing in children's shows. Once his contract ran out by episode 6, this led to Flavien dramatically waking up from regenerescense.
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  • The Cast Showoff: Being a robot with a remote control and a large variety of functions to select from, Serge uses a different voice and personality for each one of them, making great use of Réal Bossé's talent as an improv comedian.
  • The Other Darrin: In the first season, Valence was played by Isabelle Brossard. From the second season onwards, Sylvie Moreau replaced her in the role.
    • Claude Legault was the first voice of Gervais (the ship's AI, who only appeared in the first season and the first few episodes of the second season). Once Flavien (Legault's major role in the show) was introduced, Gervais was then voiced by Patrice Coquereau.
  • The Pete Best: Whenever people think of Valence, Sylvie Moreau (who played her since the second season) always comes to mind first, as opposed to Isabelle Brossard (who only played her in the first season).
  • You Look Familiar: Alexis Martin, who played the Devil during an episode from Season 3, also played the role of the Supreme Governor in the second movie.

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