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Trivia / Danger Rangers

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  • Billing Displacement: The end characters list the main characters' voice actors in alphabetical order, followed by the first voice actors, hence why Charlie Adler is the first voice actor credited despite SAVO not being the main character.
  • Casting Gag:
  • Crossdressing Voices: All of the young boys are voiced by adult women, including Jessica DiCicco, Nika Futterman, Annie Mumolo, and Tara Strong
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  • Fake Brit: We have SAVO, the team's computer, voiced by an American voice actor, Charlie Adler.
  • Playing Against Type: Mark Hamill, known for playing The Joker, playing a character like Burt, who is the exact opposite; a very sweet, albeit a bit scatterbrained, inventor. He does get a bit of an ego in the episode "Go Games", but he gets over it.

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