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Warning! All spoilers below are unmarked.

It's virtually impossible to list tropes for the game without spoiling everything or creating Self-Fulfilling Spoilers because of the large amount of surprising reveals and murderer/victim exclusive tropes this game contains.

  • Abridged Series: For the anime, Danganronpa Abridged Thing, which never got beyond the third trial, but has a few videos of Danganronpa 3. And a not-so-abridged variant, Dangan Ronpa: The Misrepresentation.
  • Actor Allusion:
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  • Colbert Bump: The Something Awful Let's Play (here) of it introduced the game to English audiences, and was responsible for creating a non-Japanese fanbase for the game. It got to the point where there was much more English related buzz about its sequel before it got released, than the first game which was unknown to English audiences.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: In an edition of the Guinness Book of World Records which labels Junko as the most popular character to cosplay, the entry describes the game as one "which challenges players to investigate a fight club overseen by a robot bear."
  • Creator's Favorite: Toko, surprisingly enough. It's been outright stated she is in fact the character seen as representing the franchise itself best. To quote character designer Rui Komatsuzaki about Toko: "Much like Monokuma -- I think ever moreso than him -- she represents this game's worldview. We also have Ms. Sawashiro enthusiastic voice acting, and so she's my favorite character in the game."
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  • Creator's Pest: Downplayed with Sayaka and Leon; since they were used as the female and male bases that all the other designs were derived from, the designers had to keep coming back to them, and they got sick of them and killed them both in the first chapter.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
    • With Makoto, who has a female voice actress in Japanese (though the dub averts this), and Chihiro, which is played with in both dubs with ultimately the Japanese dub averting this as a form of Foreshadowing while the English plays it straight (possibly because it's just easier to find a female voice actor, rather than a male voice actor who can feasibly mimic the voice of (what first seems to be) a young girl).
    • Played straight with Chihiro in most foreign dubs and the Stage Adaptation, which was a Cross-Cast Role.
  • Development Gag: One of the songs is titled "Distrust," the game's original name.
  • Dueling Dubs: This began as early as the first trailer for Funimation's dub of The Animation. It goes far enough that NISA and Funimation's scripts are dueling each other, with Funimation getting rid of any Dub Name Change's (such as Genocider Sho for Genocide Jack) while preserving the cast's Last-Name Basis and "Super High School Level" over "Ultimate" titles.
  • Fandom Life Cycle: Stage 4. It's a very large and active fandom but it hasn't reached mainstream accessibility outside of a few Shout Outs.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • In general, [Title] boy/girl (such as "Heir Boy" for Byakuya, "Swimmer Girl" for Aoi) is often used to refer to the characters, as some fans find the character's titles easier to remember than their names.
    • The people at Something Awful like to call Hifumi goon, supergoon, ultragoon, and so-forth.
    • "Baseball Bro" for Leon Kuwata.
    • "Swimboobs" for Aoi. A combo of her title, and the fact that her boobs are rather... big.
    • "Weedman" for Yasuhiro, due to his "stash" line, his not-quite-locs hairstyle, and his general demeanor.
    • What with the official translation referring to him by his original Japanese name, "Monobear" is this for Monokuma.
    • The game itself has an avalanche of silly nicknames, caused by the strangeness of its own name. It was a popular meme on Tumblr for a time, but has since died down.
    • Due to his actions in Chapter 2, Byakuya is sometimes dubbed "Super High School Level Corpse Mover." When the next chapter's victims disappeared from the crime scenes, he was promptly named as a top suspect.
    • "Chihirobo" for Alter Ego.
    • The Masked Man has gained the nickname Monoluchador.
    • For a while, Mukuro Ikusaba was referred to as Corpse Warblade more often than by her actual name. It's not hard to see why. They also have the nickname "Junkuro" for when she's dressing as Junko.
    • Following Chapter 6's reveal of the world outside the school, the fans promptly called it Monoworld.
  • Foiler Footage: The demo roughly follows the prologue and first chapter, but has a few differences from the final game, likely to keep the first mystery a surprise; Sayaka and "Junko" are never killed, with Yasuhiro being the botched aggressor turned murder victim instead, with the murderer implied to be Hifumi (which was confirmed by the manga adaptation of the demo).
  • Genius Bonus: In addition to over-sized carnivorous plants in the greenhouse there are (life-size!) corpse plants (the big red flowers and the "Monokuma Flower"), which is perfect for the general setting and where someone named Corpse Warblade's body was found. You would think, however, that someone would mention the plants' awful smell — then again the "Monokuma Flower" was (allegedly) made by a Ultimate Botanist, and if anyone could make a scentless corpse plant it would be someone of that level (assuming Monokuma is telling the truth).
  • I Knew It!:
    • In the LP thread, thanks to time between updates and readers bouncing ideas off one another, almost every plot twist has been predicted at some point. Bonus points for when the correct guesses are made and then shot down.
    • However, some of it might be from people who played the game before or looked at spoilers and are presenting what they know happened as "theories".
    • Perhaps the biggest example is the infamous JUNKOS theory. Basically, someone thought that while it made sense for Sayaka to be a Sacrificial Lamb, it didn't make sense for Junko to be one, given that we learned so little of her character. The theory then goes to say Junko must have a Backup Twin! It became a Running Gag in the LP thread until it was proven right!
    • The revelation that Chihiro is a Wholesome Crossdresser. Easier to figure out in the Japanese version due to said character being voiced by a man who is obviously trying to sound like a woman.
  • Name's the Same:
    • While many of them have very common names, among the unusual names we have definitively Byakuya. Among the few characters with that name, Byakuya Kuchiki is the most famous one and everyone would think about him when hearing the name.
    • Byakuya's seiyū, Akira Ishida, shares his name with Yasuhiro's actor in the stage adaptation, though their names differ by one kanji.
  • The Other Darrin: In Funimation's dub of the anime adaptation, they replaced all the voice actors except for Bryce Papenbrook (who has worked with Funimation before on Attack on Titan one year earlier) as Makoto.
    • This ultimately causes Komaru Naegi to have three different English voices. Weirdly enough, according to the DVD commentary Cherami Leigh (who voiced her in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls and whom the studio would have had access to as per her work on Fairy Tail) was getting married at the time of recording, leading to Alexis Tipton voicing Komaru for the few lines she had. This indirectly lead to Rachel Robinson (friends with Leigh) voicing Sakura due to being in town at the time.
    • On the Japanese side of things, Tarako replaced Nobuyo Oyama as Monokuma's Japanese voice actor starting with Danganronpa 3 due to the latter suffering from dementia.
  • Playing Against Type:
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: While the descriptions of executions for characters who weren't killers in the final game are real, no artwork was made for them. Despite this, some fans may show off artwork of these believing them to be official, when they actually come from a doujinshi. The exception with official art is Hifumi's execution, which was depicted in a promotional manga based on the demo.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Shrug of God: When asked as to how Toko died in the bad ending, writer Kazutaka Kodaka shrugged, admitted he had no idea and then jokingly stated she had exploded.
  • Talking to Himself: The English dub had a lot of these as Sayaka/Chihiro, Toko/Mukuro/Junko, and Genocide Jack/Junko all have the same voice actresses.
  • Technology Marches On: On episode 12 of the anime, the headmaster's DVD was replaced by an SD card.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The original concept for what we know as Danganronpa was a game known as "Distrust". While the characters and setting were mostly the same (The students trapped in a school of mutual killings by a sadistic overseer), there were a few key... differences. First off, what would later become Monokuma was a sentient anatomy model, and unlike the somewhat pristine environment of the school we got, Distrust's academy was a bloodstained nightmare, implying that many people had already been killed in the school. While there were still trials, the game worked somewhat like the Zero Escape series, utilizing a "Trust System": Your choices would also influence the main character's general attitude, as well as determine whether or not certain characters were actually trustworthy. This meant that player actions could determine who dies next and change the course of the story. The death reveals were far darker that what we got in Danganronpa (one death is discovered by the group finding a classmate's severed head on the floor, another, by their severed hands in a box on a table covered in fresh blood), and a group killing could even occur. Furthermore, the game took place over 7 days as opposed to the unlimited time frame we got in the final game. Overall, Distrust was incredibly dark compared to what was released, and that's certainly saying something.
      • A later revision had a more serious vibe reminiscent of Saw, with a Deliberately Monochrome art style. Instead of a courtroom, the equivalent of the school trials was set in a warehouse. The cast is mostly recognisible; however, their designs were less outlandish overall. An animatic of the first execution can be found here; however, it still contains spoilers for the actual game. Everyone's also named differently; for instance, Kazuo Matsuzaki is pretty much a prototype design of Leon Kuwata, and their executions are identical in premise (and, in some moments) even use the exact same animation.
      • In this edition, Kyoko, who survives the entire game and is the deuteragonist of the story, is the very first victim.
      • Furthermore, another scenario in the proposal and an early build of the final game indicate that the first victim was to be Junko. Humorously, this means that, in a way, all three of Makoto's canon love interests (assuming that the latter was actually Mukuro) were going to be the first victim at one point or another.
    • The creators also wanted to give Kyoko an Important Haircut, but were unable to fit it into the story, so it was scrapped.
    • The Visual Fanbook has a section that contains drafts for all of the other kids' executions. A quick summary of each of them:
      • If Sayaka had been a culprit (for instance, if she successfully killed Leon), Monokuma would've placed her on-stage promising a perfect idol singing performance, complete with a meter to "score" her. But just as the meter's about to be full, Monokuma would've destroyed the meter, triggering the "failure" condition and causing a giant mantrap to slam shut and kill Sayaka.
      • If Chihiro had been a culprit (in the unlikely scenario that he kills Mondo in defending himself), he would've been sentenced to run forward in a side-scrolling 8-bit platformer game, but a huge group of pixel sprite Monokumas would've caught up to him, and Chihiro's "sprite" would've eventually "popped" out of existence.
      • If Kiyotaka had been a culprit (for instance, if he killed Hifumi when he attacked him during Chapter 3), he would've been sitting on a vehicle in a gorgeous parade with everyone cheering his election to Prime Minister. But then Monokuma would've appeared dressed as Golgo 13 with a sniper rifle and killed him in a single shot.
      • If Hifumi had been a culprit (for instance, if Celeste hadn't killed him during Chapter 3), Monokuma would've placed him between Monokuma and "Princess Piggles", the Magical Girl star of Hifumi's favorite show Demon Angel☆Pretty Pudgy Princess, and he would've been killed by being caught in the crossfire of two "death beams" at once in a parody of an anime duel. Unlike the other scrapped executions, though, this one did make into official Danganronpa media, the manga based on the demo of the game.
      • If Sakura had been a culprit (and had killed someone besides herself), she would've been standing in wilderness with multiple space aliens and soldiers appearing for her to fight. She would've successfully kicked them all away at first, but they would've kept appearing until finally Sakura wouldn't have been able to keep up the pace, until finally so many appear that they would've just crushed her to death-by-dogpile-and-sheer-amount.
      • If Toko had been a culprit (for instance, if she actually killed anyone as Genocider Syo or if her attack on Sakura in Chapter 4 is a fatal one), Monokuma would have thrown her into complete darkness except for Byakuya standing there. Toko would've run towards Byakuya for a kiss, only for a steamroller to appear and crush her into a thin paper.
      • If Aoi had been a culprit (for instance, if she failed to recover herself in Chapter 4), she would've been placed in a water tank with Monokuma dressed as a magician. No, Aoi would not have been sentenced to a slow-and-agonizing-death-by-drowning in front of everyone, but what would've happened isn't much better: Monokuma would've placed a curtain over the water tank, lifted it back up to reveal Aoi surrounded by sharks, covered the water tank again, and lifted the curtain again only to reveal Aoi completely gone, eaten alive by the sharks. (Elements of this execution were later refurbished for Ryoma Hoshi's demise in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.)
      • If Byakuya had been a culprit (for instance, when framing up Genocider Syo in Chapter 2 and Chihiro somehow regains conciousness he has no other choice but to kill him to maintain the frame-up), Monokuma would've dropped him into a garbage can in a place that looks like Hell, and Monokuma would've dressed like an elementary school student and repeatedly thrown stones at Byakuya for supposedly being a dirty hobo. Byakuya would've managed to escape, but would have come out in a cold and snowy place and eventually would've died from a combination of his wounds and exposure to the cold. He's an asshole, yeah, but that's still harsh.
      • If Yasuhiro had been a culprit (for instance, if he did kill someone while in the robot disguise during Chapter 3 or if his attack on Sakura in Chapter 4 is a fatal blow), he would've been placed on a game show where he had to choose from three doors. Door A would've grown hands and feet and fled from him, and Door B would've done the same. That would've left Yasuhiro with no choice but Door C, which would have grown a mouth and eaten him.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Danganronpa Wiki.

General trivia

  • The Japanese instruction manual for the PSP version states that Yasuhiro's predictions only come true 20% of the time; in the anime, it's 30%.
  • In 2018, the Gamers Edition of Guinness World Records listed Junko Enoshima as the Most Popular Game Character for Cosplay.
  • In the original Japanese version of the game, the "Crazy Diamonds" logo of Mondo's gang throughout the game is written in ateji. However, in the localization, all instances of his gang logo were changed to be spelled out in English. This includes the back of his jacket, making Mondo the only character to have a sprite edited in localization.


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