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Trivia / Dan Slott's Spider-Man

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  • Disowned Adaptation:
    • Frayda Kafka, a friend of J.M. DeMatteis and his inspiration for the character of Ashley Kafka, doesn't like the character being killed off.
    • Likewise, the creators of Spider-Girl completely hated what he did to Mayday in Spider-Verse and has done everything to can to invoke Character Rerailment.
  • Executive Meddling: Slott has been candid from time to time that even he did not benefit from Protection from Editors, and several of his stories would be changed or forced to adjust to editorial mandates.
    • Alpha was initially meant to be a one-off character for the series' anniversary issue, intentionally made to be the "anti-Peter." Sales of his issue ended up skyrocketing and Marvel editorial push Slott to make more issues about Alpha.
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    • Black Cat's Heel Turn was similarly meant to have actual payoff, with her and Peter eventually making amends. Brian Bendis, Robbie Thompson, and David Walker all took that heel turn, and ran with it, deciding to feature Felicia as a villain in their respective books. Because of this, the character became off-limits for Slott to write her redemption story.
    • Norman Osborn for the longest time was Out of Focus, resulting in Slott promoting Doctor Octopus to being Peter's Big Bad. This was a result of Norman being more prominently used in central Marvel Universe storylines in the Thunderbolts and ultimately in Dark Avengers and Dark Reign.
  • Trolling Creator: Every time Mary Jane shows up, it looks like Slott's getting ready to pair her and Peter up together again, then brutally yanks them apart, usually making Peter the guy in the wrong. This has really rustled people's jimmies over such an act.

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