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Trivia / Damn Yankees

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  • Cast the Expert: In the film, Lola's dance partner for the in-universe show was the dance choreographer. (In that instance it wasn't just finding somebody to do the dance, it needed to be somebody of the right height and weight to match the actress.)
  • Cut Song: Several, as usual. A few were used in the 1994 revival.
  • The Danza: Joe calls Bob Fosse's dancer character "Fosse."
  • Descended Creator: Choreographer Bob Fosse has a small role as Lola's yellow-shirted dance partner.
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  • Unintentional Period Piece: Besides being rooted in 50s baseball culture, the Senators left Washington after the 1960 season to become the Minnesota Twins. A new franchise named the Washington Senators replaced them in 1961. The new team continued the losing tradition, and eventually moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area as the Texas Rangers in 1971. Washington then went 33 seasons without Major League Baseball representation until the Montreal Expos moved there in 2005 to become the Washington Nationals.


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