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Trivia / Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.

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  • Franchise Killer: The producers were planning to adapt the next Dalek TV serial "The Chase" (which would have renamed the Mechanoids to the Mekons), but the box office failure of this film nixed that. You can see a brilliant fan-made spoof trailer for this here.
  • On-Set Injury: Stuntman Eddie Powell broke his ankle during a scene in which his character is killed by the Daleks while trying to escape from them. Actor Andrew Keir hurt his wrist when punching through a van windscreen during a sequence in which Wyler and Susan escape from London.
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  • Technology Marches On: The "highly advanced" miniature aerial is quite a bit bigger than the average mobile phone aerial of the year 2014. It's only going to get worse by 2150.
  • Troubled Production: Production was complicated by the illness of Peter Cushing, which required some rewriting of the script to reduce his on-screen appearances.
  • What Could Have Been: Early drafts of the script featured a Purple Dalek before it was replaced by a Black Dalek.