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Trivia / DC Showcase: Green Arrow

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  • Role Reprise: Grey DeLisle returns as Black Canary, having previously voiced her in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  • What Could Have Been: The writer of this short, Greg Weisman, intended to make a modified version of it canon to his later series Young Justice (2010). While Queen Perdita does appear in an episode with Count Vertigo making another attempt on her life, the events of the short itself were originally supposed to take place in issues #20-21 of the show's tie-in comic, also written by Weisman. The YJ version of the story would have incorporated Artemis and Red Arrow, Green Arrow's two proteges, as well as Black Canary. However, when DC decided to rename the comic "Young Justice: Invasion" to tie-in to the show, Weisman decided that the rebranding deserved a six issue kick off arc, rather than the usual "done in one" or two-parter stories. The six-issue arc developed a system of using the time stamps to jump between the season two era and the season one era, and this was supposed to allow Weisman to go back and depict the story about the Arrow family and Perdita, but then DC and Cartoon Network canceled the cartoon and the tie-in comic outright.
    • As of the new Targets run of the comics published in 2022, this vision has now been realized, though Wiseman previously considered the short canon-adjacent anyways.