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  • Creative Differences: Cybill Shepherd fired creator Chuck Lorre midway through the second season.
    • This was not the first or last feud Lorre would have with his actors either. Same for Shepherd.
  • The Danza: Cybill
  • Hostility on the Set: The set was not a happy place for most of the cast and crew, by their own accounts due to Cybill Shepherd's behavior. Writer Alan Ball mainly stuck around for the money and later admitted he had zero respect for the show's star. As for the cast, Alan Rosenberg described it as the worst job he ever had, Alicia Witt confirmed there was a fair amount of tension on the set, while the experience led Peter Krause to consider quitting acting altogether. Christine Baranski has largely kept her mouth shut, though Liz Smith did once report that Baranski claimed she'd someday reveal how "bad" Shepherd was. Allegedly, much of the hostility stemmed from Baranski's Emmy win, while Shepherd herself lost. Many believe that was the catalyst which led to Shepherd having Chuck Lorre fired, and subsequently assuming more creative control to look after her own self-interest.


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