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Both Series

1998 Version

  • Screwed by the Network: the show was put on Saturday nights, then bounced around ABC's schedule until it was just cancelled.
  • Word of God: In an interview Thomas said that the series would have ended with Cupid's nature left ambiguous; he'd have "given up" his divine nature to stay with Claire, but we'd never know for sure. See Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane.

2009 Version

  • Actor Allusion: A really unusual one: actress Anna Chlumsky had a bit role in the first series, and has a recurring one in the second series.
  • The Other Darrin. Out of necessity. The original cast from the 1998 version of the show are already involved in other projects (plus they're all ten years older).
  • Screwed by the Network: Debatable; it was put on after Dancing with the Stars which is arguably a decent lead-in, but 10 pm is never a good timeframe for a brand new show, and they pre-empted it with The Unusuals at least once during its first run.