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Trivia / Crossy Road

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  • Defictionalization: Actual figurines of the in-game figurines from both games are now available. Some of them are extremely rare, just like they are in-game. (For example, on the Disney side of things, there are only 10,000 LGM, Armored Baymax, and Zebra figures, and only 1000 Steamboat Willie figures.)
  • What Could Have Been: The DuckTales characters and world were originally going to be based on the original 1987 series as opposed to the 2017 reboot as they ultimately wound up being, according to datamining of previous updates for Disney Crossy Road. It's likely that scrapping the 1987-inspired designs and starting from scratch with the 2017 designs instead is why the game went through an update drought from June 2017 to December 2017. (The DuckTales update was originally slated for July 2017.)
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  • The Wiki Rule: Both the original version and Disney Crossy Road have their own separate wikis.

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