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Trivia / Crazy Frog

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  • Creator Backlash: Erik Wernquist immediately regretted selling the character to Jamster once he saw that they had chosen to rename it Crazy Frog.
    "If I had known that this was going to be such a big thing I would not have allowed them to use that stupid name. It has nothing to do with the character. It's not a frog and it's not particularly crazy either."
  • One-Hit Wonder: The Frog's cover of "Axel F" was popular enough to keep Coldplay off the #1 spot on the Billboard Charts while his cover of the synthpop classic "Popcorn" enjoyed limited success in Europe, but to the surprise of no one, the gimmick couldn't sustain any more hit songs after that.
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  • Orphaned Reference: As a result of some versions removing the explosion from the end of the "Axel F" video, Crazy Frog suddenly appears covered in ash at the end for no reason.
  • What Could Have Been: An animated series and feature film were planned, but both were shelved when the character's 15 Minutes of Fame were up.
  • The Wiki Rule: Crazyfrog Wiki.


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