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  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: The dress Lalia wears to the party in the original series was designed by a fan for a contest.
  • Old Shame: A mild example, but Arthur admitted that he had no real plans for The Lap of Luxury and that it was pretty much wish fulfilment. Looking back, he'd have preferred to keep Lalia in a grounded setting.
  • Schedule Slip: The original series got hit hard with this, even bringing in a new artist to keep things going. Actually averted for the retool, since it was not promising regular update to begin with.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • If the series had continued with the original setup, it would have turned out very differently. The only concrete example of what was planned was that Trevor would end up dating Jane in an attempt to get closer to Lalia.
    • The entirety of Early Warning Signs.
    • Subverted! Arthur once detailed several changes he wanted to make to Coming Apart At The Seams. These suggestions were implemented into Adjective Noun Combo's fan comic, which was then made canon.

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