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  • Creator Backlash:
    • He described the match where he and Bob Holly won the Tag Team titles as "sloppy", although he felt the storyline of The Rock and Mankind not getting on was interesting.
    • Although he liked being paired with Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore, he didn't like how he barely wrestled in the six man tags.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: He had to bleach his hair blond to match Bob Holly when he debuted.
  • Hostility on the Set:
    • He disliked Roland Alexander, the promoter for All Pro Wrestling; describing him as a scam artist who tricked people into handing over lots of money. He said that Beyond the Mat's portrayal of him was actually toned down.
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    • He didn't get on with Bubba Ray Dudley while they were in ECW either; admitting that he was too new to the business. They were able to work together multiple times and be professional by the time they made it to WWE however.
    • He had hostility with Pimpinella Escarlata while working in Mexico; believing he resented the fact that a white guy was being sent to wrestle them, and stiffing him in the ring as a result. Crash retaliated by powerbombing him extremely hard, and threatening to "beat the fuck out of him" if he ever came to the US.
    • He described the Acolytes as being difficult to work with, as they would "beat the crap" out of them.
  • Reality Subtext: Everyone mocked Crash for his size in kayfabe, and his 'Super Heavyweight' gimmick was based around Insistent Terminology. In reality, he was frequently belittled for his height during training, and had been told he was too short to succeed in the business.
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  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: Downplayed. An incident happened at WWF New York where Crash got extremely drunk and ran around naked - and he was taken off TV for a while as punishment. His actual release in 2003 was mutual on both ends.
  • Separated-at-Birth Casting: He and Bob Holly definitely looked like they could be related.
  • Short-Lived, Big Impact: Crash was only with WWE from 1999-2003, and the biggest part of his career was the 2000-2001 period. But he ushered in the memorable 24/7 rule for the Hardcore Championship, and is considered one of the most prominent players in the Hardcore division.

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