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  • Humble Beginnings: The titular character Erick, spawned very earlier as a stick figure 10 years ago.
  • No Budget: This Game is still in progress without using money. The one-man spend 5 years still during development, no problem that is it being homemade.
  • What Could Have Been: The game was originally going to be made on Game Maker game engine, which was going to be about an pair of eyeballs coming to life and escaping from the old abandoned tower.
    • The game was also originally be a platformer game like Mario where the player could punch enemies, it was then later retooled into a Run n' Gun genre akin to Turrican and Jazz Jackrabbit.
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    • This also supposed to have cast of funny animals, until they were replaced with characters of Erick's same species. Including a green bat character named Doroia who originally intended to be Erick's sidekick. He was dropped in favour of Bluey.
    • Not to mention this also supposed to take place in the planet where Kirby lives.
  • Working Title: Crack: The Original

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