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  • Actor-Inspired Element: Shobna Gulati was asked if she'd like to name Sunita's twins when they were born. She named the girl 'Asha' after her mother.
  • The Character Died with Him: Betty Driver died aged 91, so her character Betty Williams was killed off as well. This has happened several times: Jack Walker, Jerry Booth, Albert Tatlock, Stan Ogden, Bert Tilsley, Blanche Hunt and Deirdre Barlow. Ena Sharples, Elsie Tanner and Christine Hardman were both mentioned as having died several years after they left the show and Annie Walker is talked about in the past tense.
  • Crosscast Role:
    • The unseen character "Fat Brenda" was played by Steve Huison in a spin-off stage production Fat Brenda - My Flamin' Story.
    • Liam Connor Jr. was played by Imogen Moore when he was born.
    • Similarly, Harry Platt was played by twin girls as a baby.
  • The Danza:
    • Betty Driver as Betty Williams (née Turpin).
    • Frank Pemberton as Frank Barlow.
    • Christine Hargreaves as Christine Hardman.
    • Sally Dynevor (nee Whittaker) as Sally Webster.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • Gail Platt was introduced as a sixteen-year-old. Helen Worth was twenty-three at the time.
    • Nick Tilsley's current actor, Ben Price, is ten years older than his character's age.
    • While Sunita Alahan was born in 1978, Shobna Gulati was born in 1966.
    • Helen Worth who plays Gail was born in early 1951 while the character was born in 1958. To contrast, Gail's Mother Audrey is three years older than her actress Sue Nicholls (born late 1943). In other words, there is only a seven year age difference in real life between onscreen mother and daughter.
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    • 19-year-old Lucy Fallon started playing 14-year-old Bethany Platt in 2015. The heavy amount of make-up that Bethany liked to wear made the age difference very noticeable. Also worth noting that Bethany was originally going to be played by Katie Redford who was 25 years old at the time.
  • Deleted Role: Ross Grant filmed a couple of scenes featuring Todd that had to be cut from the broadcast when Bruno Langley was convicted of sexual assault.
  • Disabled Character, Disabled Actor: The show has had a few wheelchair-using characters in its time, though previously they were played by able-bodied actors. Currently, however, both Izzy Armstrong and actress Cherylee Houston, who plays her, suffer from a rare connective tissue disorder, Type III Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
  • Distanced from Current Events:
    • Claire Peacock was originally going to be involved in a storyline where her baby Freddie was kidnapped from her house during a fire and kept missing for four months. Due to the Madeleine McCann disappearance, they quickly changed direction to have Freddie found in a park the next day - and the mystery instead shifted to who started the fire.
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    • The episode scheduled to air on the 2nd June 2010 was cancelled by ITV due to the then-breaking news about the Cumbria massacre. The episode in question featured scenes with guns.
  • Dueling Shows: With EastEnders. Although they don't broadcast opposite each other, in the UK you're either a fan of one or the other. Or both.
  • Fake Irish: A borderline example with the Connor family. While Michelle, Liam and Paul were presumably reared in England, they were born to Irish parents and seem to have kept close contact with Ireland (their parents returned to Dublin to live). Of the three, only the actor playing Paul had any known Irish ancestry and even his parents were English-born. Rob James Collier (Liam) did later reveal that he has Irish grandparents though.
  • Fake Nationality:
    • Collins has a natural London accent. Opinions vary on how good/bad her Manchester accent is.
    • Karl Munro's actor is Scottish.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Deirdre Barlow has the following:
      • The Weatherfield One.
      • Dreary.
    • Tracy Barlow has Tracyluv.
    • Owen Armstrong has Ricky Gervais (due to his likeness to said).
    • Asha and Aadi Alahan have Asda and Aldi. Gloria Price even accidentally called them this in 2013.
  • Hide Your Pregnancy: Julie Hesmondhalgh, who played post-op trans woman Hayley Cropper became pregnant during her tenure on the soap as it started with the character sitting down a lot, and later she went on holiday to keep things from getting too obvious.
  • Hostility on the Set: During her first stint, Elsie's actress Patricia Phoenix had a reputation of being difficult, argumentative and holding grudges way beyond what most people would call their natural shelf-life, which resulted in a falling out with her co-star William Roache (Ken) when she tried to scene-steal an episode ending from him in contravention of the script that led to the two not talking for two years, along with that another co-star of hers Philip Lowrie, who played her son Dennis, had a falling out with her after his departure in 1968 as she refused to talk to him unless their work demanded she do so, resulting in the two never speaking on informal terms ever again. Even Hilda's actress Jean Alexander couldn't stand her offscreen, though she did give her a present during her second wedding to Alan Browning.
    • Director Michael Apted has stated that his primary memory of working on the programme was trying to keep Phoenix and the equally forthright Violet Carson from coming to blows.
    • However, fellow co-stars Julie Goodyear, Bill Kenwright and Veronica Doran have disputed this as they've said stories about the way that Phoenix went out of her way to help them when they first appeared on the programme.
    • Fortunately, during her second and final stint, she got along with her fellow cast members well though her bad blood with the writers unfortunately resumed and refused to accept that her advancing years made requested storylines for Elsie to have affairs with young, good-looking men seem ridiculous. After the writers saw an aging Elsie as being a "saloon bar philosopher", Phoenix was determined that the character she had worked hard to create would not be watered down, so she decided to leave the show in 1984 and would never return to the soap again, following her death due to her battle with lung cancer two years later.
  • I Am Not Spock: Helen Flanagan aka Rosie Webster.
  • Missing Episode: Surprisingly enough for a show that's lasted for over 60 years, it's a major aversion as Granada sold its first 260 episodes to Canadian broadcaster CBC in 1966 before ultimately selling 1144 episodes to CBC affliate CBKST in 1971 and only one episode from 1972 remains missing.
  • Name's the Same: David Platt shares his name with an English former footballer and manager.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Tracy Barlow. Played by various actors, with Dawn Acton and Kate Ford being two of the best-known.
    • Tracy's step-brother Peter has been played by seven different actors. Two have even appeared as completely different characters including Ken's other son.
    • Tracy's daughter Amy holds the show's record of the most actors to play a character with a total of eight actresses. Most of these actresses however, were babies or toddlers at the time and weren't even old enough to read lines or really understand what was going on.
    • Most of the characters introduced as children.
    • Nick Tilsley. Twice, and both times as an adult.
    • Averted with Chesney Brown — Sam Aston has played the character from a child to an adult.
    • In her first two appearances in 1974, Blanche was played by Patricia Cutts. After Cutts' suicide, Maggie Jones took over her role and would continue playing her until her death in 2009.
  • Playing Against Type: Andrew Sachs, best known as Manuel from Fawlty Towers appeared as a Shrinking Violet dying of a brain tumour.
  • Post-Script Season: Probably the ultimate example — it has essentially been on a series of postscript seasons since 1961. It was originally intended to be thirteen episodes long, with Coronation Street bulldozed in a Made-for-TV Movie. However, it proved so popular that a new series was commissioned, and it's been broadcasting more or less continuously to the present day.
  • Reality Subtext: Sally Webster was scripted to reveal to her husband Kevin that she had cancer on Christmas Day, 2009. The storyline prompted Sally Dynevor, the actress playing her, to see a doctor and undergo tests for the disease in order to research the role. Sally found out she had cancer hours after filming the scene where she told Kevin about the cancer, so when they shot the scenes where they told their on-screen daughters, the tears were real. The storyline was rewritten so that the actress was off-screen for six months whilst she was undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • Linus and James Roache, the real life sons of Bill Roache (who plays Ken Barlow) played his son and his grandson, respectively.
    • Brooke Vincent (Sophie Webster) and Ellie Leach (Faye Windass) are cousins in real life.
    • William Rush, who appeared in 2014 as one of the lads that bully Maddie in her room in the homeless hostel, is the real life son of Debbie Rush (who plays Anna Windass).
  • Real Life Writes the Hairstyle:
    • Sally Dynevor was undergoing treatment for breast cancer (ironically after her character had been given the all clear) so she was wearing a wig for several episodes. Once she finished treatment, she appeared without the wig, and they wrote in a line saying that Sally's new boyfriend had treated her to a short haircut.
    • Becky cutting her hair to shoulder length before her and Steve start applying for adoption agencies was because Katherine Kelly's hair had been ruined from constant bleaching.
    • Leanne wears a hairpiece for the hen party right before The Joinery's explosion because the next episode would be filmed live, and this would avoid continuity mistakes with the pre-taped episodes.
  • Recycled Script:
    • Many fans and critics have noted when the Windasses made their debut in 2008 that they and their circumstances were a bit too similar to the Battersbys, i.e., the "family from Hell", who made their debut over a decade earlier.
    • Steve having a baby outside of his current marriage has been done twice: first in 2004, when he got Tracy pregnant while he and then-wife Karen had broken up, but remarried that same year and became pregnant with a child that she miscarried and then again in 2017, when he got Leanne pregnant while he and then-wife Michelle were separated but soon reconciled, became pregnant with their own child and that pregnancy also ending in a miscarriage.
    • The storyline involving Daniel pushing Ken down the stairs is nearly identical to the storyline of David pushing Gail down a flight of stairs. Also, both incidents happened for the same reason: a strained relationship with the parent and the latter convincing the former's girlfriend to get an abortion, only the earlier storyline was not a Whodunit.
    • Pat Phelan becoming a killer resembles Richard Hillman storyline from 15 years ago. Phelan allowing Michael to die at a building site is similar to Richard leaving Duggie to die. This was then followed up by Phelan committing his first murder by killing Andy Carver, similar to Richard's first proper murder being his wife. Funnily enough, Phelan killing took place before his wedding, just like Richard's first killing took place before his wedding.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor:
    • Averted with William Roache (Ken Barlow) & Michael LeVell (Kevin Webster) - both characters were written off the show whilst their actors were awaiting trial for sexual offences. Both actors were found not guilty, allowing the show to bring them back.
    • Bruce Jones (Les Battersby) was written out after allegations of drunkenness and inappropriate comments in the presence of an undercover reporter.
    • Chris Fountain (Tommy Duckworth) was abruptly fired after a homemade rap video where he sang about rape was discovered online.
    • Marc Anwar (Sharif Nazir) was dropped from the show in September 2016 after making negative comments about India (as Anwar was born in neighboring country Pakistan) on Twitter. The actor alleged that his contract was going to be up soon anyway, so was only dismissed early; either way he was dropped earlier than expected.
    • Katie Redford (Bethany Platt) before she even started filming her first episode. She was fired from the role when fans on the Digital Spy forum uncovered evidence that she had lied about her age. She was replaced with Lucy Fallon.
    • Bruno Langley (Todd Grimshaw) was fired after being charged with sexual assault in October 2017. Todd's disappearance was explained by having him punch a police officer off-screen and when the producers decided to have Todd back in 2020, Langley wasn't welcomed back, instead they opted to recast his role with Gareth Pierce.
  • Romance on the Set:
    • Tina O'Brien (Sarah Louise Platt) dated Bruno Langley (Todd Grimshaw), the couple splitting up before their characters began dating.
    • She then began dating Ryan Thomas, who plays Jason Grimshaw, Todd's brother and Sarah Louise's future husband.
    • A more successful pairing is between Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone Dobbs, and former Corrie actress Lucy-Jo Hudson, who played Katy Harris from 2002-2005, who have been married since 2009 and welcomed a baby girl four years later.
    • Rupert Hill (Jamie Baldwin) and Jenny Platt (Violet Wilson) became a real-life couple as they played a couple on the show. They had a daughter in 2010 and ultimately married three years later.
  • Star-Making Role:
  • Stunt Casting: The soap has acquired an impressive number of guest stars, some of whom may have been shoe-horned in.
    • Stephanie Beacham showed up in 2009 to play a woman called Martha that Ken had a brief affair with. At this point in time, Ken's womanising ways had all but disappeared completely.
    • On the flip side, Nigel Havers had a small role that same year as an escort called Lewis who briefly seduced Deirdre, and stole money from the bookies.
    • Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud showed up for four episodes in 2015 as Robert Preston's wife. She agreed to it because she was a huge fan of the soap.
    • Honor Blackman in 2004 as one of Rita's old friends from her days in the theatre. Hilarity Ensues when she invites Rita and Norris to a swingers' weekend.
    • Subverted with Sir Ian McKellen as Mel Hutchright - as he was lobbying to be on the show because he was a huge fan.
    • Status Quo showed up as themselves for a small arc that lead to them performing at Les and Cilla's wedding - with Candice eventually leaving the street to be their official hairdresser.
    • And of course Prince Charles appeared As Himself in 2004.
  • Throw It In!: When the title sequence was redone in the 1970s, the film crew did not notice that a cat has found its way onto the set. It's been a fixture of the show ever since.
  • You Look Familiar: Ross Grant made two appearances - one in 2011 as a character called Jasper and another in 2017 as a business associate of Peter Barlow.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Upon both Tracy and Peter's returns in the early 2000s, there were talks for them to become involved with one another and Tracy to become pregnant as a result of the affair. This, thankfully, never came about, due to some very obvious reasons.
    • Bet Lynch was going to become manageress of the Rovers Return following her 2002 return. However this never came about as Julie Goodyear dropped from the show due to health reasons, meaning the character was only on-screen for a couple of weeks and left suddenly off-screen, though she would make a brief return a year later to serve as a proper departure. After the death of her old colleague and friend Betty Driver in 2011, Julie Goodyear expressed interest in reprising the role of Bet Lynch for a one-off appearance for the character Betty's funeral. However the producers didn't take her up on the offer (despite numerous rumours about them wanting to bring her back), which led to only Betty's son Gordon Clegg (played by Bill Kenwright) returning for the funeral.
    • Also, there was supposed to be a conclusion to the Maya Sharma storyline involving a trial against her, but was left unresolved due to some personal reasons involving Jimmi Harkishin, who plays Dev Alahan.
    • Laurence Olivier was once offered a guest role.
    • For the 50th Anniversary Special in 2010, producers attempted to lure back Jean Alexander to reprise her iconic role of Hilda Ogden, and even tried to tempt her with a huge salary for just one episode. But Jean turned down the offer due to her dismay towards the soap's quality in recent years, although was down to her wanting to keep Hilda's legacy intact.
    • John Nathan-Turner wanted to produce the series and his agent put his name forward to be considered, but he was unsuccessful. Nathan-Turner said prior to his death that he was a particular fan of the series and not becoming producer was his biggest unfulfilled ambition.
    • Although Stephanie Cole (Sylvia Goodman) was going to leave the series, she was meant to remain throughout Hayley's cancer storyline and bring some caustic charm to the screens during the story. However after suffering a personal loss, she ended up leaving much earlier, meaning the character was suddenly written out and absent during the storyline.
    • The tram crash in the 50th Anniversary Special was originally planned to for the soap's 45th anniversary and would've had a tram crashing into the Rovers Return. Claire applying for a job driving the local trams was originally going to lead into the crash, but it was scrapped following objections from Manchester transport officials, who feared for the image of the city's tram service if Corrie aired the plot. Presumably this is why the crash itself was due to an explosion, not driver error.
    • Vera's departure was originally not going to have her being killed off as her actress Liz Dawn considered making guest appearances following her departure and presumably would've also had Vera's husband Jack departing as well, however a change of direction due to her battle with emphysema, prompted her character to be killed off at her request.
  • The Wiki Rule: Corriepedia, which is so in-depth that even official Coronation Street staff endorse it.
  • Working Title: Tony Warren had to rename the series from its original title Florizel Street, which was considered to sound like a disinfectant.
  • Written-In Infirmity: Sally Webster had a storyline where she battles breast cancer. Turns out that the actress who plays her, Sally Whittaker, discovered she had breast cancer as a result of researching the storyline for the role. She says that she would never have noticed if the storyline hadn't been given to her, so the show effectively saved her life.


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