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  • All-Star Cast: The N64 games showcase some of the top American cartoon voice actors from The '90s, such as Jim Cummings, Charlie Adler, Tress MacNeille, Jess Harnell, and Rob Paulsen.
  • Creator Backlash: The producer of C2: Judgment Clay was so disappointed with the animation, that he had Tiny (a character from the previous game) put into the game with no changes to his model to show that the previous game's character models were better.
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  • Development Hell: After Sculptor's Cut, all the intents to revive the franchise are in vane, especially now that Interplay is selling its properties, Clayfighter included.
  • Executive Meddling: The series was hit VERY hard by this during The Fifth Generation of Console Video Games. 63⅓ was originally going to be titled Clayfighter III and appear on a Vapor Ware console called the M2. However, about a year before the M2 was officially cancelled, Interplay abruptly moved development of the game to the Nintendo 64 and retitled it Clayfighter 63⅓.
    This caused MANY problems during development: character animation needed to be stripped down due to the N64's cartridge limitationsnote , several of the game's planned fighters needed to be cut, etc. Adding insult to injury, the game was rushed to be released during the 1997 Holiday Season, resulting in an Obvious Beta with numerous glitches and underdeveloped ideas. The Clayfighter 63⅓ debacle was, in fact, so bad that about six months later Interplay released a rental only update to the game titled Clayfighter: Sculptor's Cut. To make things even MORE messy, a PlayStation game titled Clayfighter Exreme was also in development but scrapped for being behind schedule. These problems, combined with 63⅓'s extremely poor critical and public reception, were what ultimately killed the franchise.
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  • He Also Did: Jeremy Airey, one of the creators of the franchise and being part of every game of the series (since designer to producer), left Interplay in the Turn of the Millennium to be producer for Midway Games (Road Kill and Shadow Hearts 2) and later for Konami, being known for producing various of the Silent Hill games (Shattered Memories, Downpour and HD Collection) as well other titles like Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, Skullgirls, Hard Corps: Uprising and Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Good luck finding a copy of the Sculptor's Cut of Clayfighter 63⅓. Even more power to you if you can pay for it. Loose copies of the game regularly run for hundreds of dollars, and complete in box copies (yes, they exist) break $2000 easily. Overall, due to its original rental-only nature, it’s known as the single rarest and most valuable Nintendo 64 game among collectors.
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    • Actually kind of subverted thanks to game reproductions on sale in Aliexpress (cheaper than the original, of course) as well being emulated in your N64 via flash cartridges.
  • Role Reprise: The Nintendo 64 game has Dan Castellaneta reprise his role as Earthworm Jim from the animated series and also voiced Boogerman. Both of them are also rivals in this game.
  • Uncredited Role: It is unknown until today who made the voices for characters of the first two games. Even though the voice actor lists appear for both games in IMDb, the who-made-who is a mistery until now.
  • Vapor Ware:
    • Clayfighter Extreme was a parallel release for 63⅓ made under Playstation, but it was cancelled for schedule. It was supposed to be released in the same date, but that wasn't possible in its moment, but later were working on it anyway and eventually was cancelled because people would consider "a port of 63⅓" instead of a separated game.
    • An installment for the Nintendo DS and Wii entitled Clayfighter: Call of Putty. Screenshots suggest it was an Updated Re-release of 63⅓ with remade stages and HD artwork.
    • A new installement was announced by Interplay in 2015 to be released as a new game in 2016. Sadly in September 2016 Interplay sells the majority of its intellectual property, so the release of a new Clayfighter game (even an Updated Re-release) is totally canned.
    • Recently was discovered a 3DO Interactive Multiplayer advertising about an updated version of C2 for this console, which went to nothing since coincided with the debacle of that console.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Ickybod Clay and a female gorilla called Lucy were planned for C2: Judgment Clay, but were ultimately cut. Ickybod's bio from Clayfighter 63⅓ even hints at this development, stating that he was "exiled" from that game. As seen how that game was managed, both characters would have to get their own evil twins too, getting 4 new characters on the game. Dr. Kiln also was supposed to be appeared in the game too but was cancelled and only appeared in the backstory. A model of him was shown after the 2016 Interplay closure (see below).
    • A homeless vigilante called HoboCop was planned for Clayfighter 63⅓. Nintendo said no due to the alcoholic references. However, in the leaked Clayfighter Extreme beta for PSX appears him as selectable character, so it's speculated he could be an exclusive character for this version. In a case of Good News, Bad News, the bad news is there's no HoboCop, the good news is because of that we got Earthworm Jim instead. Actually this is subverted since new screenshots from game magazines of the time show them both together in the same game, discarding the idea.
    • Also, some possible moves that were cancelled in 63⅓ for being so controversial as Hobocop himself, like Lockjaw Pooch peeing the opponent and Zappa Yow Yow Boyz eating alive the enemy.
    • A ported/parallel developed version (it's unclear which) of 63⅓ was planned for the PlayStation entitled Clayfighter Extreme but was cancelled.
    • There was an untitled new Clayfighter game to be released on 2016. Sadly, the game not just is confirmed it was cancelled, much of Interplay properties are in sell right now, Clayfighter included. So the probability of a Sequel or even an Updated Re-release are null. Even worse, one of ex-Interplay developers revealed what could have been of this game: the reappareance of HoboCop as a selectable character, characters and stages are now with high resolution, all characters have new moves from unused sprites from past games and in general would be a megamix of all games in one in a similar way than Mortal Kombat Trilogy (i.e 63⅓ Frosty fighting in C1 Taffy stage).
    • Recently, this ClayFighter Wiki user discovered more Clayfighter content unveiled until now:
      • A port/updated version of C2 for 3DO Interactive Multiplayer announced in a magazine ad, which would include Claytalities and new features.
      • There's Sculptor's Cut unused content that already is in the game but with unknown commands, like new Claytalities for Zappa Yow Yow Boys and Lady Liberty, as well some Claytalities for returning characters that were supposedly cut (like Earthworm Jim's Cow Drop), but they changed commands instead.
  • The Wiki Rule: There's one, very up-to-date and complete, especially about the 2016 untitled game that never was.

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