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Trivia / Christmas In Tattertown

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  • One-Episode Wonder: This was originally going to be Nickelodeon's first foray into evening television (and a regular children's series for Ralph Bakshi).
  • What Could Have Been: Was originally envisioned as a pilot for a series. But then Bakshi realized the story lacked potential for a continuation. "Tattertown" would have been the first Nicktoon had Bakshi changed his mind. However, it was still successful enough to convince Nickelodeon that original animated programming was worth pursuing.
    • Tom Minton recalled, “(The special) “Christmas in Tattertown” was indeed written as per Ralph by Jim Reardon and me, as a 90 minute feature script of around 120 pages. Once it sold a few months later as a half hour television special, Ralph did the entire storyboard himself and he cut the feature length script ‘on the board,’ as he put it.


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