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Trivia / Christina Von Eerie

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  • Name's the Same: One of her finishers is called the Graveyard Smash, which is the same name that CHIKARA's Hallowicked uses for one of his finishers, though they are not the same move.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: The Dwarves' "Like You Want"
  • Romance on the Set: She's married to Scotty Mac. At different times, she was engaged to Jesse Neal, formerly of TNA, and then to CZW's MASADA.
  • What Could Have Been: Her main event match against Mia Yim at the Professional Wrestling Syndicate's first BLOW show was almost literally a last minute decision. It was supposed to be Jillian Hall vs Cherry Bomb. Incidentally, Von Eerie disappeared from the PWS after that match happened despite it being the start of a tournament, Mia Yim stuck around for awhile.

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