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Trivia / Choujinki Metalder

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  • Acting for Two: A lot of the voice actors do several roles, as necessitated by the sheer number of Neros combatants. Akira Senoo also plays both Ryuusei and Tatsuo, for obvious reasons.
  • Cut Short: Was planned to be a 52 episode series, but ended at 39. It was supposed to end at 37, but the successor show wasn't ready yet. The show thus has a rather spectacular amount of What Could Have Been, including someone or something pulling Neros' strings, a grievously wounded Topgunder getting a Mercy Kill from Metalder, and Metalder and Springer actually dying with the exploding Ghost Bank.
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  • Darker and Edgier: One of the reasons the show was cut short was because younger fans were not fond of the rather dark and depressing tone of the series (or able to follow the drama-over-action writing), even for the franchise; the show is easily the darkest Metal Heroes entry. It picked up older viewers well enough.
  • Oddball in the Series: For a Metal Heroes show, this show is unusual in both being completely Earth-bound (pretty much every other Metal Hero faced off against extraterrestrial invaders) and lacking in many of the standard Metal Hero equipment (Metalder doesn't have any external weapons, and only has a flying motorcycle and a flying car, as opposed to a massive aerial fortress carrying a whole fleet of vehicles).

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